I believe in family

So the wedding came and went. April and I began our life together and we worked really hard to “adult”. Our careers took off, we bought a house here in the upstate of SC, adopted two cats named Barnum & Bailey, and lived our best life for five amazing years. As good as it was… I didn’t realize it was about to get even better.

Just three year ago our lives changed forever when our son was born. I had no idea how incredible it would feel to be a parent. Don’t get me wrong - there’s a lot of tough days of little sleep but hearing your kid say your name never gets old. It makes it all worthwhile.

The experience of being a dad deeply affected how I looked at marriage and family. I’ve been able to do a lot of incredible things in my life but none has even come close to being a father and a husband.


Life deserves to be captured.

I started Angled Light Photography because I believe in family & I believe lives deserve to be captured. When we’re not traveling you’ll find my family here in Greenville biking the Swamp Rabbit or swimming in the pool soaking up the sun and listening to great music with friends and neighbors.


Our Little Family’s Randomness


Honestly, It’s the tears.

Stunning photography is powerful. Stunning photography of the things we love most in the world is deeply powerful.

Every bride wants incredible images of the biggest day of her life - and every mom wants her family’s personality and her children’s young faces to be documented in a beautiful way.

When I meet back with couples and parents after the event - I get to see how much the artwork we created affects them. The smiles, laughter and occasional tears motivates me to keep picking up the camera time after time.

Why I’m a Photographer