I started Angled Light

with a vision to help others document what's most important to them. Anyone can take a snapshot, but I always strive to look at the same moment from a different angle... to capture the moment in a unique way. My approach is to capture what is unnoticed , the otherwise forgotten memories, the unexpected perspectives, and the unique personalities specific to each individual.

Check out some photos from my adventures by clicking below!

About Me

I met my wife April during college while studying Music Education at Anderson University in 2005. We sat beside each other in Wind Ensemble and I knew from our first performance, she was special. After we found out a short time later we had the same birthday I knew she was the one! (But seriously... we do have the same birthday...) 

We're also very excited about our first child - Owen! It has been amazing watching this kid grow up so far. Parenting has been a crazy ride so far but we love it. He's got an incredible personality.

Other passions of mine - playing great music, traveling, COFFEE, watching great TV with my wife like Breaking Bad/ House of Cards/ Game of Thrones/ Travelers/Daredevil, reading epic stories, breakfast for dinner, banana ice cream, unique restaurants, doing nothing, staying busy, exploring new places, meeting new people.